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Inspired by Her

Hotel Baraquda Pattaya celebrates women, making them feel welcome in a whole new way


“Luxury and upmarket hotels have been mostly thought by men for men. However, the number of female customers in the luxury hotels, business and leisure, has tripled in the last 10 years. Through this offer, MGallery, a bold and attentive brand, adapts to the requirements of a growing clientele thanks to exclusive services and attentions: love of the detail makes all the difference in this segment “, explains Julie Grégoire, General Manager of HotelServices France, luxury and upmarket department.


For several years, women have been more independent; they travel more and are now an important segment of luxury hotels. The number of active women has increased and they now account for almost half of all business tourism. On the other hand, when traveling for personal reasons, most of the time they choose the holiday destination. Women who travel have special needs that have never been met before. That is why MGallery, pioneer in addressing the distinct needs of the female travellers, launched Inspired by Her, a new program designed for women. Through it, MGallery has been responding to and anticipating the demands of a growing feminine clientele, with exclusive services and special considerations throughout their stay: attention to details through beauty items, feminine touches at the restaurant and the bar, and other special gesture from welcoming the staff.


As Senior VP Global Marketing for MGallery, Agnès Roquefort states “We want to bring a feminine touch that enriches our guests experience through details and particular attentions. Having listened to women and being women ourselves, we are extremely proud to be rolling out the Inspired By Her program across MGallery hotels as we know it will make travel a much more pleasant experience for women.”


Hotel Baraquda Pattaya – MGallery has joined and full rolled out the Inspired by Her program in Pattaya. Having recognized the growth in female travellers across the world and Asia Pacific in particular, we understand that these travellers need and deserve special attention in Pattaya. We have created tailored and focused offers in the hotel which are catered to the delight of our female guests. From offering adjusted sizes of the slippers and bathrobes in room, to installing walk-in mirrors or hairdryers that are both practical and efficient, to healthy food & beverage offers; our offer covers it all in Pattaya.


In Room

Relax in an intimate and cosy world, where many special touches await you. Put on your powdery pink bathrobe and fluffy slippers, and dive into a seabed inspired atmosphere for a relaxing experience.

  • Full length mirror
  • Bathrobe and slippers in S and M size
  • New hairdryer



Reveal your natural beauty with carefully selected cosmetics just for you. Take time to pamper yourself and relax with the range of products at your disposal.


Who hasn’t overlooked something when packing? The emergency kit is a selection of frequently forgotten but always vital items you may need during your stay. It’s just another way of ensuring you have a worry free stay with us Complimentary: Cotton facial, Hair ties, Pins Chargeable: Mask sheet, Steam Eye Mask, Herbal Skin care, Coconut oil, Wipes, Lip Therapy


Food & Beverage

Let yourself be tempted by an experience as tasteful as visual. Enjoy refined dishes based on healthy, fresh and local products. MGallery has unique food and beverage menus that celebrate women and feminism.

  • Sparkling Cocktail Bellini THB 380
  • Rose Wine THB 300 (Sunnycliff Cabernet Merlot, Victoria, Aus)
  • Chef Salad Bowl THB 240
  • Chinese Steamed Rice Noodle Roll with Bean Sprouts THB 260
  • Fried Rice Noodles in Chinese Brown Sauce THB 240 (pork/chicken/beef)
  • Tiramisu THB 160


Culture & Entertainment

We offer women the opportunity to experience local and international culture through a wide selection of magazines at their disposal, which deal with many subjects and reflect women’s interest. – Large choice of national and international magazines, available in English and local language, that cover a variety of topics who reflect women’s interest and avoid stereotyping. For example magazines that deal with fashion, lifestyle, wellbeing, travel, business, critical commentary – local and international newspapers Offering a personalized, refined and elegant offer made for women based on their needs has become our priority. Because every woman is unique and deserves to be celebrated, we invite them to spend a Memorable Moment at the Hotel Baraquda Pattaya – MGallery.


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