Pattaya Rooftop Bar - Sunset Lounge - Hotel Baraquda Pattaya

Pattaya Rooftop Bar

Experience A Secluded Pattaya Rooftop Bar


If you are scanning the whole of Pattaya for a perfect place to cool off the night then its time to try a secluded Pattaya rooftop bar away from the all the noise and lights of Pattaya at “The Sunset Lounge”.


The Coolest Place In Town, When You Need To Cool Down


Among the Pattaya rooftop bars, The Sunset Lounge is the best place to chill out with your friends or with your partner.  Located in the heart of Pattaya, it captures the best of what nature can offer, the Pattaya sunset.  Living to its mockery as the coolest Pattaya rooftop bar, it is a blend of the coolest food, coolest drinks and the coolest people in town.


The Food, the Drinks and the Music


Aside from the lovely and relax faces of the people, “The sunset lounge”, the coolest Pattaya rooftop bar brings out the coolest chill-out music.  The superb music is complimented by the equally delicious menu, prepared by the team of dedicated chiefs, who always make sure, that their guests can indulge.  To complete the food menu is the collection of wines that originates from the different corners in the world.


Pattaya Rooftop Bar - Sunset Lounge - Hotel Baraquda Pattaya


The Best Place To Celebrate An Occasion


Great occasions must be celebrated in a very special way.  One way of doing it, is making it at one of Pattaya’s rooftop bar.  The Sunset Lounge, has the complete ingredients of a venue of a special occasion.  Whether it’s a wedding anniversary, a debut or just a plain party, The Sunset Lounge is the place to be.


Imagine the ambiance, which was brought about by the perfect design of the place and complemented by the lights and the furniture’s.  The perfect view from the top, where you will have a glimpse of the famous Pattaya sunset and later on, whatever Pattaya can offer at night.


A Pattaya Rooftop Bar where You Relax And Unwind In Style


After a hard day’s work or a day of beeing on the beach, there is nowhere else to go, but, on one of Pattaya rooftop bars, “The Sunset Lounge”, located in one of Pattaya’s Jewels, the Hotel Baraquda Pattaya.


The Sunset Lounge, one of Pattaya rooftop bar’s, anything can happen and everything is a possibility.  The first among the Pattaya rooftop bars, it lives on to the people’s expectation. Among the growing population of Pattaya rooftop bars, The Sunset Bar, at the rooftop of Hotel Baraquda Pattaya is the original and remains the most popular chill-out destination in town.


The next time you set foot in Pattaya, dine-in one of Pattaya rooftop bars, The Sunset Lounge.   You can bring a friend, a family or a lover, enjoy the night and sooner, you will forget, that you are just in one of Pattaya rooftop bars, The Sunset Lounge.




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