Hotel Baraquda Pattaya is a boutique Hotel Near Terminal 21

Hotel Near Terminal 21 Pattaya

Looking for the best Boutique Hotel in Pattaya, a hotel near Terminal 21 Pattaya? Experience an exceptional stay in Pattaya at Hotel Baraquda Pattaya and get easy access to Terminal 21. For all your shopaholic desires while staying at a great location in Pattaya.

Terminal 21 is an airport inspired mall that attracts visitors and tourists from far and wide. Featuring boutiques to large chains, Terminal 21 is a true unique shopping experience with internationally themed floors. Also, there is a food court that serves both local and international dishes and a modern cinema.

This is a must-visit destination when you are to spend your vacation anywhere near Pattaya. You also have several social places and cultural events around. This is a place that you can always take you extra time to visit.


Plan Your Escape To Pattaya and Stay At Hotel Near Terminal 21 Pattaya


Terminal 21 has established itself as the place to be for shoppers. The retail area features a “Gourmet market” the one-stop location for gourmet delights. The design gives the ideal market street concept. The decorations mimic some of the top cities in the world. Including  Istanbul, London, Tokyo, Paris, and Rome that you can immerse yourself in.

This clean and air-conditioned shopping centre is well equipped with fully stocked mid prices shops that offer a range of local and designer products. You can also purchase items from some of the world’s leading brands like Gucci, Calvin Klein, and Levis.

A Great Selection of All Day Restaurants

The mall’s restaurants serve some of the world’s famous delicious. The food takes care of visitors from all walks of life. From Asian, African, European and Local dishes, you always have your appetite taken care of.

If this does not satisfy your needs, you can always visit the nearby world-class restaurants for your favourite plate and then come back for the fascinating experience in Terminal 21.

The Terminal 21 Cinema

When you need to relax your mind with some entertainment you can always watch some movies at the cinema here. The charges are pocket-friendly and there is no chance for boredom. You have the option to request your favourite movie in 3D and English.

The cinema also offers wheelchair accessible entrance and toilets. The crowd is family-friendly the cinema is good even for kids. What a perfect place to pass a time with family or just alone during your vacation?


An Ideal Hotel Near Terminal 21 Pattaya

Visiting such a place would compel you to spend more than just a day. This is why you need to spend your nights in some of the best hotels in the area and ideally a hotel near Terminal 21 Pattaya.

When taking your vacation in Pattaya you are sure to make several trips to Terminal 21. So choosing a hotel close to Terminal 21 and also a hotel that offers access to all the key attractions is essential. Hotel Baraquda Pattaya is a hotel near Terminal 21 Pattaya that offer this is much more.

The Pattaya area boasts of some of the best tourist destinations. Pattaya beach and the Art in Paradise Museum are tow from them. The hotel you choose should give you access to these sites.

You also need to witness the sunset in Pattaya every evening during your vacation. That is why you need to spend at a place like Hotel Baraquda Pattaya which has an open rooftop bar to offer you the fresh atmosphere and raw view of the surrounding.

All these can only become a reality when you are staying south Pattaya in the Hotel Baraquda Pattaya Mgallery, a Boutique Hotel located near to Terminal 21. This place is the most convenient place of residence for visitors. You will Shop till you drop while in the nearby sophisticated shopping malls.


There is one major reason why Hotel Baraquda Pattaya a popular hotel near Terminal 21. The location is excellent. The hotel is only a  5 minutes walk from Pattaya Beach and only nine kilometres away from the Pattaya Floating Market. Other major transit stops that you can always visit in case you want to take a break from the enticing Terminal 21 shopping include the Central Beach, Central Festival and the Pattaya T tour. All of them are utmost only 10 minutes’ walk from the hotel.


Your stay at the hotel gives you the home experience if not better. You are offered luxurious accommodation and other top-class amenities like 24 free stable Wi-Fi, in-house climate control and premium TV channels on the 40″-inch screens installed in the rooms. The staff and the customer service team are also amazing. You will love their charming smile and excellent service delivery.

The hotels daily in-room services make sure that your hygiene and cleanliness is well taken care of.  The true jewel in Hotel Baraquda Pattaya Mgallery is the swimming pool. With its style and ambience, you will feel like you are onboard a luxury boat in the heart of Pattaya.

Food and Drinks

You will love the hotel’s wide selection of both local and international delicacies. Before you begin your journey to the shopping paradise in Terminal 21, you will be compelled to have a bite of the daily buffet breakfast. The delicious plates of seafood and Asian cuisine at lunch and dinner hour hours served at the hotels SEA restaurant will make you always want to stay longer.

When it is time to quench your thirst you will lose count of the beverage brands you will have to choose from. This hotel near Terminal 21 Pattaya has some of the amazing selections of drinks you have ever heard of.  You can chill at the rooftop bar enjoying your drinks and breathing the fresh air from the sea environment. The open space also gives you a good view of the sunset in the Pattaya horizon


The Thai Culture and Other Sites to visit

Make some time out for a tour to some of the iconic tourist attractions sites available. This is the reason the location for Hotel Baraquda is strategic. It not only nears Terminal 21 but is also surrounded by several beautiful destinations. Some of them include;

Pattaya Night Bazaar

This is a super world-class all-day market. It is a shopper’s paradise that features over 250 stalls that stock shoes, clothes jewellery, and Thai souvenirs. The place is only 7 min walk for the hotel.


The Big Buddha Temple

Thailand is one of the world’s nations that has managed to keep its religion and culture intact. The Big Buddha Temple is a traditional hilltop religious site. It is well known for its colossal Buddha statue and the staircase supported by a giant dragon. You only need to walk for 15 minutes to see this amazing sacred place.

The Sanctuary of Truth

This is a must-go place especially when you are staying with your family in any hotel near Terminal 21. The structure is a 20 story complex that is built entirely on hand-hewn wood carvings. The construction is still ongoing. It is only 21 minutes’ drive from Hotel Baraquda Pattaya.


Mini Siam

Mini Siam is only 17 minutes’ drive from terminal 21 Hotel Baraquda. This site will give you the entire summary of how wonderful Thailand is. It is just a complex attraction housing miniature model of famous Thai and International monuments. The site also has an onsite café just in case you want to grab something.


 A Hotel Near Terminal 21  Pattaya At A Great Rate

Take advantage of a great rate when you stay at Hotel Baraquda Pattaya, your ideal choice for a hotel near Terminal 21 Pattaya. Simply book 30 days in advance to take advantage of our Advance Saver Promotion, Accor Plus members also receive an additional 10% off. Its a great time saver and book your Hotel near Terminal 21 today!


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