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Baraquda Stories

A Hip Boutique & Nautical Cool

The unique modular form of the hotel demands attention with its bold and contemporary design. With brilliant white seamlessly blending with the vast glass windows set against Pattaya’ s beautiful blue sky, the hotel gives you a feeling of being on a super yacht poised to set sail. It provides you with a sense of privacy and individuality on the premises.


Memorable Moments

Create memorable moments at our very own Sunset Lounge. Set on the 6th floor of the hotel, the sunset lounge feels like the top deck of a luxury boat, sipping cocktails at the Captain’s outdoor table. There is a stunning view over Pattaya and out to sea. Opposite, the large white side of the hotel’s wall resembles a large sail. Nightlight lanterns – like a ship’s lantern – sit on each of the tables. Open daily from 05.00 p.m. to 01.00 a.m.


The Mechanical Fish

Similar to all MGallery hotels around the globe, at Baraquda Pattaya, we have an iconic object welcoming our guests as they enter their rooms – the Mechanical Fish.

Each and every room of this boutique, nautically cool hotel has this fish statue located at the helm of the working desk. Inspired by the nautical theme of the hotel, this fish is our special way of welcoming guests to the sea and being a part of this “Atlantean” crew which is onboard this cruise ship hotel.

The mechanical fish is in line with the turquoise blue décor in the rooms, which is soothing and relaxing on the eyes. This fish is 100% made up of recycled metal scrap parts and has an interesting environment themed message to it as well. The mechanical fish symbolizes the need to limit our pollution in the oceans before the fishes die or adapt to the wastes in the ocean and become “mechanical”.

Welcoming you with our iconic object at the Baraquda Pattaya – MGallery!


Mixo Stories

“Sip on a delicious cocktail upon arrival at the hotel lobby”

It’s as simple as that! At Hotel Baraquda Pattaya, we are embarking on a cocktail renaissance for people who enjoy a personalized cocktail. Our mixologists believe cocktails should be more individually tailored to our guests, with an obsessive attention to detail and good old fashioned creative and bespoke drinks for them.

Our team strives for craftsmanship, elegance and quality with our cocktails. Get in touch with our team and let them pamper you with our all new innovative selections in a flaming lobby atmosphere.

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