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Pattaya is one city in Thailand that is full of activities to indulge with and getting there gives more excitement to every traveler. What's more, if you will find an award-winning boutique hotel in Pattaya, located in the heart of these, entertainment, shopping and dining hub of the city then Hotel Baraquda Pattaya MGallery collection is the choice for you.


An Award Winning Boutique Hotel In Pattaya

As a boutique hotel in Pattaya, Hotel Baraquda Pattaya offers its guest a unique way of stay that their guests' value for their money. Evidence for their excellent service and unique performance in the hotel industry, this boutique Hotel in Pattaya, the Hotel Baraquda Pattaya has been a recipient of many recognitions from different recognition bodies, such as:

As one of the boutique hotels in Pattaya, it was recognized for its stunning design by one Travel and leisure magazine.

Another Property Report Magazine mentions Hotel Baraquda Pattaya as one of the boutique hotels in Pattaya that is considered as a Phenomena in the boutique hotel industry.

The only boutique hotel in Pattaya, Voted by Hongkong’s RFP magazine as among the top ten hotels in Asia in the design category.

Hotel Baraquda Pattaya is the only boutique hotel in Pattaya that is a finalist in the prestigious awards of UK.


A Boutique Hotel in Pattaya Designed for Both Leisure and Business

Experience a hotel that is designed for both Business and Leisure,  The Hotel Baraquda Pattaya is one boutique hotel in Pattaya that will feel you with excitement, the moment you enter. It has great features that are nowhere to be found in other boutique hotels in Pattaya that set it apart as the iconic Boutique Hotel In Pattaya.


For When it's Time to Relax at this Boutique Hotel in Pattaya

When you walk into the lobby of the hotel, you are warmly welcomed in setting reminiscent of a luxury cruising yacht, with sleek designer white lines and timber floors, cool music in the background setting the mood for the rest of your stay.

Walking to your room you see the outdoor pool shining in vivid blue, surrounded by timber decking and deck chairs to relax the day. Having a sip of your favourite cocktail from the pool bar with the relaxing sound of the two waterfalls splashing into the pool. For when it's time to truly relax head over to the spa for a signature Baraquda treatment with our professional team.


When it's time to Indulge at this Boutique Hotel in Pattaya

This Boutique Hotel in Pattaya, the Hotel Baraquda Pattaya offer a tastes to the senses from the Restaurant to the Bar .  With a signature restaurant, rooftop bar and, coffee shop, you will be able to indulge in some of the best cosine in Pattaya.


SEA Restaurant

As one of the award-winning boutique Hotels in Pattaya, Hotel Baraquda Pattaya, has a restaurant designed to serve their guests a whole day. SEA is the hotels signature all day dining is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner offering an array of cuisine form local Thai favourite to international delights.

This modern funky signature restaurant offers a vibrant atmosphere where guests can relax in a full international buffet or an a la carte lunch and dinner menu featuring fresh seafood and its popular South East Asian menus using the freshest of local and imported produce. The restaurant also offers a new-word wine list for guest to choose from while dining.

With large crystal clear windows It also offers an amazing view of the swimming pool in a very comfortable and relaxing through out the day and night.


The Sunset Lounge, A Hidden Pattaya Rooftop Bar

Venture to the 6th floor and you will find the Sunset Lounge. A hidden Pattaya rooftop bar escape located at this 5-star boutique hotel in Pattaya. Designed to offer you an unforgettable unwinding or chilling experience, sunset lounge is one kind of a bar. Overlooking the Pattaya sunset, it is like bringing on a deck of a luxury boat. This can accommodate around 60 guests at any given time and the bar offers gourmet cuisine to complement nature.

The lounge opens at 5 pm until 1 am, which bring you an unforgettable experience, while you are in Pattaya.


The Nauti Cafe’ at this Boutique Hotel in Pattaya

Killing the time is nothing less if you happen to be in our Nauti Cafe’. Sipping one of the best coffee’s in the world or one of our collections of tea is more than a treat. What about our homemade pastries or cakes, freshly baked for you? Nauti café also serves ice cream from New Zealand, beers, cocktails, and soft drinks. Your first step towards fun and Excitement in Pattaya


Boutique Hotel in Pattaya



For When It's Time To Work…  at this Boutique Hotel in Pattaya

This  boutique hotel in Pattaya offers 2 meeting rooms for your business meetings and events



Business meetings should be held in full productiveness and the key to achieving it is to provide a flexible venue, where the ambiance and the design can easily be adjusted according to the requirements of the meeting. The Baraquda Lounge serves the purpose, as it can be re-arranged or divided into sub-rooms.


It can also accommodate 120 people in its 166 sqm. floor area. It can also be re-arranged into many styles, to suit the requirement of every meeting. Food will be served catered to your meetings needs and the whole team will assure you that your meeting will be a successful one.



Another feature of this Boutique Hotel in Pattaya is the white Lounge. Hotel Baraquda Pattaya offers another feature for meetings and events on its 2nd floor. This lounge is designed for small meetings, conferences or seminars. It has a capacity for around 50 people and they can be comfortably accommodated in this 120 sqm. Area of comfort and luxury.

The ambiance of the White lounge offers a very relaxing effect, as it offers a perfect view of its uniquely designed swimming pool.

Both rooms are incorporated with complete amenities such as audio/video systems, projectors and everything required to produce a successful meeting. Both facilities have a dedicated bathroom for its occupants.


For When It's Time To Explore at this Boutique Hotel in Pattaya

Aside from being stocked to one of the boutique hotels in Pattaya, Hotel Baraquda Pattaya can be your first step towards visiting these tourist destinations. The place is not only famous for its night life but, it is also abundant in places to visit during the day.


Sanctuary of Truth

Accessible from one of the boutique hotels in Pattaya, this building is a product of Thai ingenuity. The building is 105 meters tall and it is covered with sculptures carved from woods. This building tells more of Thai culture and traditions.


The Warf

Famous for each seafood markets, it is a vibrant place throughout the day. It is the starting point of all ferries and speed boats trip going to different places. It is just a few rides away from Hotel Baraquda Pattaya, one of the boutique hotels in Pattaya.


Nongnooch Pattaya Garden

The garden has an area of around 1,500 Rai and was designed to showcase Thailand’s arts and Culture. There are many gardens within Nongnooch Pattaya garden, such as Desert Rose garden, Riverside garden, the European garden, and the Car garden. The garden is a short ride away from Hotel Baraquda Pattaya, one of the boutique hotels in Pattaya.


The Pattaya Floating Markets

Situated in an area of 62 acres, visitors have the opportunity to buy various native products and enjoy adventure rides as well.


Jomtien Beach

Another beach that is an alternative from the Pattaya beach. The beach is just a few minutes drive from Hotel Baraquda Pattaya, one of the boutique hotels in Pattaya.


The famous Ripley's Believe it or not a museum

It is just nearby Hotel Baraquda Pattaya, it sees real exhibits and things that are unique and cannot be found anywhere else.

There are many more things you can do in Pattaya. But you can always enjoy all these when you stay in one of the boutique hotels in Pattaya, the Hotel Baraquda Pattaya. It is popular, to be among the best boutique hotels in the Pattaya area.


The Ultimate Location

Hotel Baraquda Pattaya by MGallery as one of the best boutique hotels in Pattaya is conveniently located close to Central Festival Shopping plaza, and also the vibrant night light. There is no better location in Pattaya


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